vic_3c_logo On Thursday April 12th we went to the UN headquarters in Vienna. There are...

Our trip to 193 countries and to space – on the same day!

On Thursday April 12th we went to the UN headquarters in Vienna. There are people from all over the world, and they all speak English. The security check was like at the airport, and afterwards we were not in Austria any more but in an international zone. There are flags of all the member states around a big fountain. Our guide was Chinese, but he spoke English and German very well.

At the UN headquarters we saw an exhibition about the 50th anniversary of human space flight. At first we could speak to Japanese astronaut. There were models of rockets and satellites. We saw a stone from the moon and many pictures from the first man in space. And there was some really ugly space food. Then we saw something about nuclear explosions, illegal drugs and we heard things about the international market.

We visited a room where the representatives have debates about international problems. There we learned how hard the job of an interpreter is. When they make a mistake, it will have big consequences, for example a conflict or war between two or more countries.

We took lots of photos and videos. It was great, we learned many things!



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