Am 19. Februar besuchte die Klasse 5C im Rahmen der Unterrichtsthemen “music” und “media” das Funkhaus des ORF. Ihre Eindrücke fassten die Schüler in folgendem Gemeinschaftsbericht zusammen:


Our trip to the radio station fm4


On February the 19th we went to the ORF Funkhaus in the 4th district with our English class.
We met Christoph there, who is an editor at FM4, and he told us many historical aspects about this building. He showed us old radios which were used in World War II.
He also told us that the ceiling of the lobby is still the original since the house was built. He explained that none of the walls in the studios are rectangular because it reduces the background noise.
Then we went to the biggest studio of the Funkhaus, where productions like Starmania are casted or the Dancing Stars Orchestra rehearses. Christoph also showed us the technical equipment for the recordings.
Then we went to a studio where two of our group could comment the film of a fashion show and a little cutout of “Tom Turbo”. They said it was very funny for them to present and it was funny for us too.


We were very surprised that FM4 belongs to ORF. It is famous for sending live, in three different languages (German, English and French). They work according to a native speaker principle which means that all spoken parts, especially the English ones, should be spoken by a native speaker.
We were really sad that we couldn’t go to the newscenter of the Funkhaus. Actually nobody who doesn’t work there is allowed to. But we were shown a little film about it.

All in all it was a very interesting excursion, for some of us one of the coolest we’ve ever had.



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