Die Klasse 4A nahm am 13.11.14 im Rahmen des BE-Unterrichts und der Berufsorientierung an einem Architekturworkshop des Vereins Wanderklasse teil. Da die Berufsorientierung auch im Englischunterricht ein wichtiges Thema ist, fassten die Schülerinnen und Schüler dort ihre Eindrücke in einem Bericht auf Englisch zusammen:




Architecture workshop on November 13th 2014

Mrs. Baumann and Mrs. Peyrer-Heimstätt had organized a workshop for us. There was an architect, Mr. Hoppe, who told us about his job. He said that he deals with constructions, especially of attic conversions, kindergartens, single family houses and reconstructions of old houses. Sometimes he takes part in competitions. He told us that he had won a price for the most beautiful little garden house. Like every architect he would like to build skyscrapers. He tried to in China, but nobody wanted him to do it. He also advised us to study at the TU Vienna if we want to become architects.
In the practical part of the workshop we built a model with matchboxes. Mr. Hoppe explained us that we could change the sense of the room with boxes, and we did!  In the recreation hall we built walls with big boxes.
The presentation was interesting because we learned a lot about the life of an architect.






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