1A bei der "Konferenz der Kinder"

Im Rahmen der Green Expo 2014 besuchte die Klasse 1A die „Konferenz der Kinder“. Ihre Eindrücke hielten die SchülerInnen im Englischunterricht in folgendem Gemeinschaftsbericht fest:

Our trip to the Children’s Conference
On May 22nd 2014 we went to the Green Expo fair where we visited a conference about a green future. There were many stations about environmentally friendly cars, recyclable mobile phones, organic farming and the importance of water. We were divided in two groups then.
At each station we spent 15 minutes for a presentation. At one stand we did a quiz about organic farming. At another one there were special battery-driven cars. That was very interesting. We also recycled paper and created purses out of milk cartons.
Then we all got a little bag with snacks and water and had a break. We also got pens, flyers and balloons. After the break we had 18 minutes to walk around and explore the fair. We learned a lot about wood, energy and the environment. This was a really cool and nice trip!


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