On Wednesday June 4th we listened to a very interesting presentation in our multi-purpose hall. Mrs. Marlene Nice from the US Embassy talked about schools in the United States and compared them to Austrian schools. She gave a lot of information and told us details about costs and so on. We were shocked that students in America must pay so much money for university.




We learned that the US and the Austrian school system are very, very different. We heard about the different possibilities and types of schools. We were fascinated that in America there are more and more homeschoolers.

Mrs. Nice told us about kindergartens, high schools, college and university. Moreover she told us what people have to do if they want to study in America.

Even if Mrs. Nice talked very quietly, her presentation was understandable and informative. It was good that we learned it from a native because Mrs. Nice experienced it herself. We would appreciate it if we could do something like that again.


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