Am 26.9.14 besuchte die Klasse 4C im Rahmen des Themas “food” den englischsprachigen Vortrag “Food & Ethics” von Prof. Melanie Joy vom Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Er war die Auftaktveranstaltung zur Vortragsreihe „Nachhaltig in Wien“ der VHS Wien. Ihre Eindrücke fassten die Schüler in folgendem Gemeinschaftsbericht zusammen:



Prof. Melanie Joy’s presentation about veganism and carnism

Last Friday night we were at Prof Melanie Joy’s presentation about animals and a vegan lifestyle. It took place at the Urania. Ms. Joy talked about how she became a vegan and what life as a vegan is like. We learned a lot about why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows. She also said that we live in a system called “carnism” which says that eating meat is natural, normal and necessary. Melanie Joy disagrees with that.

The presentation itself was well-structured. Ms. Joy showed us pictures and videos about animals’ lives too. The clip about animals from a conventional farming industry was disgusting. We can hardly see meat any more without thinking of a screaming, bleeding piglet.

In the end she answered some questions. Then we were invited to have some bread with vegan spreads. Unfortunately the vegan cheese was disgusting, but the chocolate muffins tasted good. It was an interesting experience. Since the presentation we think more about what we eat. It opened our eyes to what happens beyond the meat.


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